About þ ('Thorn')

Our deep interest in Old English literature led us to reclaim the letter "þ" (pronounced 'thorn')* from obscurity; however our periodical has nothing to do with the writing of a bygone era. Though sometimes we may give a nod to the past, our goal is to showcase the work of contemporary authors and artists whose voices and vision need to be seen & heard.


In a nutshell, we’re an online literary periodical for readers with eclectic tastes. We publish a wide range of genres, but we have a particular fondness for writing that provokes, or leaves readers a tad unsettled, like the unnamed protagonist in Guy de Maupassant's "Le Horla" who looks in a mirror only to see strange things being reflected back.


With the best of therianthropic intentions, we strive to be an inclusive, diverse forum showcasing the work of new, innovative, genre-defying authors, visionary poets, and other artists from around the world.


If you're a reader, we hope you'll enjoy þ. If you're a creator who has a knack for the uncanny and you want to be in þ, go ahead and submit your work.

*Please click here to read more about the letter "þ" ('thorn'). 

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