The Alchemy of Verse

The poetry of Jeff Zang

Astral Alchemy

The undercurrent flows

No matter time or season

And for all your course of study,

Elusive remains all reason

Uncertainty holds the rein

Though the horse may gallop on

Trepidation leads to trespass

And bishop takes the pawn

You wonder what could pull you,

To a route pockmarked in holes

How the directions closely followed

Could then crash you on the shoals

So one puts it down in lyric

To make sense of what you’ve seen

But the jigsaw fails solution

For the answer fades to dream.

Manifest Destiny

Is it Manifest Destiny,

Not to care when lives are diminished?

It is a now considered a right,

To scar the Earth when with it we are finished?

Is my freedom enhanced,

When other rights are denied?

Are survivors ever enlightened,

After a loved one has died?

Is Peace ever accomplished,

When people are jailed?

Is repression the go to option,

For an ideology that has failed?

Is idealism now quaint,

Like a faded photograph?

And does anything left sacred,

Provoke but a smirking laugh?


Time alone

And time taken

Time at home

And time shaken

Time adrift

And time cast

Time so swift

And time past

Time extracting

And time’s cost

Time impacting

And times lost

Time in hand

And time passing

Time unplanned

And time clashing

Time moves on

And time flows

But time...

Wherever did you go?

Jeff Zang was born in Washington, DC. He majored in American History at Howard County Community College. He also took English Literature and dabbled a bit in verse at the time. Jeff got sidetracked into music during the 1980s; his attempts at becoming a Rock Star were notably unsuccessful, and he wound up in the Health Insurance field. About 18 months ago, Jeff was inspired by some of the poetry he saw on Ello, and the hidden longing to write re-emerged. Now living in Baltimore, MD, he hopes to publish more in the future. Jeff is currently owned by a Siberian cat named Mala.

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