Two Short Poems

by Cydni Chéry

American Nightmare

i hid in plain sight

Squeezed between the crevices of lies and hidden realities

no one had a clue what happened down that crooked lane

as i lay shaking, chained inside of the rotting white picket fence

the authentic “American Nightmare”

The Mirror

(i’ve been suppressing this thought)

but,i want you

beautiful white and toxic

rushing into me




keep me up, for my bones and mind are weary

i can taste you dripping down my throat

we gathered round to worship The Mirror

as we lifted our heads with bright and wild eyes

off and up you flew again

Cydni Chéry is a 28 year old Midwestern/New York guitarist, sing-songwriter, and poet, who has been a mother for a little over a year. A lover, a hippie, and a thriver are just three words that describe Cydni, a woman who never thought she'd make it past 23, or find happiness again. Her work is about finding and exploring the slivers of hope, frustrations, and joy that makes each of us all too human.

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