The Demon’s Union

David N. Zimmer

I’ve been studying The Art of Murder.

Beautiful book, author unknown.

Mostly crime scene stuff.

Lots of red.

Some yellow.

Police tape.

Billy first thought of it.

A demon’s union.

Why, I asked.

Gotta protect ourselves.



The scariest demons

Look the most beautiful.

Great hair, Perfect teeth,

Symmetrical faces, Swimmers’ bodies.

Bad attitudes. Very, very bad.

Union dues, I asked.

Only dos, no don’ts,

Billy said.

Management sent in

strike breakers..

They flapped around

scaring nobody.

I got an A minus

in the Art of Murder.

Misspelled Dahmer’s name.

Management sent in scabs.

They itched

but didn’t grow back

if you didn’t pick.

Billy said

We should issue no demands.

Only gentle suggestions.

Why, I asked.

Management, he answered.

*David is the guest editor of the summer 2020 issue of Thorn Literary Magazine.

David N. Zimmer is a musician, photographer, poet, and writer from Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of two novels,Noise Makes You SickandTwelve Angry Steps. He has co-authored the novelBlack and Blue Collarwith Matthew Paris and two novellas (also with Matthew Paris):A Wrestler’s Vision For AmericaandThanatolia: A History and Real Estate Guide. He has also compiled a collection of his poems (1973-2020) entitledHere Is A Gift I Will Smash Your Head In With. He is currently working on a graphic novel,Scaredy, a Boy and His God, and a pseudohistory of forgotten artists entitled,This Is Not Futurism.

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