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The Photography of Idee Monterrey

Thorn Literary Magazine is delighted to feature a selection of beautifully haunting, ghost image photographs by Idee Monterrey, the brilliant, multi-talented designer & photographer from the Canary Islands.

Idee Monterrey is a photographer, multimedia artist, and freelance graphic designer from Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands. His numerous accomplishments include working as a designer at Click Diseños, as a photographer at La Voz, and a designer at magazines such as Ecopalma, Musicalia, Da'Capo, and more. He has worked in TV production and post-production, on numerous TV commercial shoots, concerts, music videos, and several films and documentaries as a director of photography, camera operator, editor, and sound technician/producer. For several years, Idee has taught photography at, Government of the Canary Islands, La Escuela Encantada. He is currently coordinator of the marketing, advertising, multimedia graphic design, press and public relations team at MONTERREY & ESCUDERO. Multi-talented and naturally curious, Idee is also a self-taught musician, gardener/botanist, cannabis geneticist, pub doorman, documentarist, traveller, blogger, dog trainer, writer, columnist, press photographer, surfer, set designer, plumber, carpenter, restorer of old photographs, and compulsive chronicler… He is a loving father; he is complicated, supportive, sincere, and a chaotic thinker. To see more of Idee’s work, please go to:

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