2 Poems with Drawings

Hali J. Cross

Follow the Rabbit

She pictured Herself fierce And strong While also Rather Imaginative Therefore, Her spirit animal Had to be something Awesome Like a dragon Right...? How irritating then Whenever she really

Felt at peace She always saw Herself holding A fluffy white rabbit Cute and cuddly It seemed the universe Was mocking her Out of fierce fight And saying Find balance baby Follow the rabbit


Do you ever feel As if you’re swimming In an ocean of

Disinformation Disoriented Looking for truth But you can’t tell If you’re swimming up Or down Because you need To identify the surface

Or like maybe Dragons were dinosaurs ... Did the aliens spy on the Dinosaurs Back then? ... And even though it is all Rather confusing ... I do think I’d rather live In a world in which Pyramids and Aslan Are something to wonder About Than without

H.J. Cross has a degree in English Education. She studied English for the pure joy of reading, but discovered she liked writing poetry during her college poetry class. In her poetry class, her professor did not like that she would start poem lines with capitals. However, she feels this style is reflective of her child-like approach she has when exploring an idea in a poem as if touching it for the first time.

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