October Themed Short Poems

Hali J. Cross

Halloween Pondering 🎃

Perhaps tonight

You honor sleeping


Or have less fear of death

I certainly see no reason

Silly monsters

Should belong to the

Prince of darkness

After all it is the heart

Underneath which


So go ghoul, ghost, or

Good witch, but remember

Be nice to other critters

Night Walker 🧛‍♀️🦇

As she steps out of the shadow

She will become something much

Stronger than a pure dove

Or an innocent sheep

I wonder what you call

A light wave that passed

Through the darkness of the night

And came out the other side

Having tasted the darkness

But, brave enough to expose itself

Back to the light

As she felt the burn of the

Exposed soul nakedness

She will never forget

Her understanding of the undead darkness

She might even feel comfortable in a few things

About it

A night walker

That also can be a day walker

That is like Blade,

He is both good and part vampire

Truthfully, I think


She may be becoming

the female version of him

Cyclops Cat 👁🐈

You think me

A monster

Or lesser

Because I

Drink bat blood

And purrr?

I see things

A little differently

Because being

A cyclops kitty

I have to use my

Inner eye to see

Into another reality

Come to my


Of one-eyed


Tending their


We won’t call

You weird

For being a

Two-eyed freak

My masters

May even find you

Good to eat

H.J. Cross has a degree in English Education. She studied English for the pure joy of reading, but discovered she liked writing poetry during her college poetry class. In her poetry class, her professor did not like that she would start poem lines with capitals. However, she feels this style is reflective of her child-like approach she has when exploring an idea in a poem as if touching it for the first time. Hali will be guest editing the forthcoming Winter 2020 issue of Thorn Literary Magazine. ❄️

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