The Photography of Idee Monterrey

When life gets blurry, Idee Monterrey adjusts our focus...

Based in the Canary Islands, gifted photographer, cinematographer, and documentarian, Idee Monterrey has graciously provided all of the photographic works featured in this issue.

Below, we present a specially curated selection of stunning photographs taken across the Canary Islands and in the Western Sahara region of North Africa.

Ferris wheel in Laayoune, the capital of the Western Sahara.

View of Santa Cruz de la Palma from the beach.

Aerial view of Santa Crus de la Palma at night.

Otherworldly Purple Tajinastes (Echium wildpretii) in La Palma, Canary Islands. Purple Tajinastes are one of the rarest plants in the world; they flower only a few days a year and only grow 2,000m above sea level. The plants can reach up to 3m (10 feet) in height. They are endemic to the island of La Palma. (This photograph was specially edited by Idee Monterrey, exclusively for Þ Literary Magazine).

Army barracks in Tarfaya, on the border of Morocco and the Western Sahara.

We're also very excited to present the gallery of images below (please click on individual photos to enlarge) showcasing many of the photographs Idee Monterrey has generously allowed Þ Literary Magazine to use throughout the PDF/print-ready version (see here) version of the Winter 2020 issue:

Idee Monterrey is a photographer, multimedia artist, and freelance graphic designer from Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands. His numerous accomplishments include working as a designer at Click Diseños, as a photographer at La Voz, and a designer at magazines such as Ecopalma, Musicalia, Da’Capo, and more. He has worked in TV production, on numerous TV commercial shoots, concerts, music videos, and several films and documentaries as a director of photography, camera operator, editor, and sound technician/producer. He is currently coordinator of the marketing, advertising, multimedia graphic design, press and public relations team at MONTERREY & ESCUDERO. To see more of his work, please go to:

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