The Poetry of Jason de Koff

Jason de Koff

The End

The desolate wasteland of hard, sharp earth

That made stones from clay

And heavy-lidded eyes of passersby

The filth choked air came billowing

Out from chasms where unfortunate souls

Toiled in endless duty to the masters of those lost

From sight through wind whipped dust

That churned by day and rained down at night

Heat that blasted unrelenting

Brought forth cries for falling skies

That once brought the forgotten rain.

Goggles covered eyes

Scarves covered faces

Uniforms for daywalkers

Blends of yellows, browns, and grays

Were the only colors seen

Through shifting sands

That once remained

And brought forth the bounty

Of yesteryear.

Suckling moisture from thin layered dew

and scavenged beast

Meant another day

Of existence

Of brutal hardship that cast

The bones of the dead

in more favorable light.

When the rains finally came

There was but one remaining

Who perished in the excess of need

Upon cessation of storm

A beauty arose

Of multicolored splendor

Ranging across the sky

A breath of relief

The battle concluded

The pages replaced to their shelf.

Warring Times

Waiting expectantly

For the shoots to come forth

Like infantry in formation

She tarried not

For that was her undoing

The endless worrying






Among fields of plenty.

Better to keep her George away

Away from her thoughts

To avoid the slow tumble

To breaking.

Much work to be done

The homestead upon her

Their homestead

Her new meaning

Keeping together

The endless plowing






Of these fields of plenty.

Man’s world

But keeping home and hearth and health

Was woman

Strength untested

Abilities unfettered

Courage unyielding

Mettle unending

Armies colliding on lands not far

But here

Amidst her growing sentinels

A growing seed

A collision and conclusion of its own

The potential undeniable

Allowing her to soldier on.

Summer Days

Humid hotness harkens

Back multiple decades

Happy reminisces

Of what was

Sinking back

Into the sultry time

Of the mind.

A heaven’s breath

In every new corner

Brightness beyond

What the eye could see

Limited only

By the beholder

Who were the characters

Of this churning train

Of imaginative speculation?

Who are they now?

The bright heat

Creates perspective

While the reels of the mind’s eye

Play film

Of this afternoon’s anthology.

Jason de Koff is an associate professor of agronomy and soil science at Tennessee State University. He lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Jaclyn, and his two daughters, Tegan and Maizie. While he has published in numerous scientific journals, he has not yet published poems. His short story, “The Gods of Indianapolis,” was published in 2014 in the Mythic Indy anthology published by Well Done Marketing.

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