The Poetry of Kenton Oliver

Kenton Oliver

The Plunge

Exhausted at dusk

At the edge

Of a cliff

Beside you

A waterfall

Wondering about the fall

If it's possible to

Survive it at all

As your demons emerge

From the shadows

Of the forest behind you

You jump towards

The water below

And begin to fall

In slow motion

Forever falling


You grow old

Safe in the air's hold

Hitting the water

With a splash

Submerging your body

In the perfect

Temperate water

Refreshing your every pore

A sweet release from all



Glory is Lonely

You build your empire

And fortune

You build your walls

And fortify them

Then peer down from

The highest tower

Of your castle

You sit on your throne

As you grow old

Keeping everyone captivated

Close but in spirit, they're far

Far away

Because you were afraid

Now, you realize

Your walls can't protect you

From your loneliness

Your life isn't unending and

This glory was all a sham

Without Delay

Branches sway and shake off the rain

Delayed wetness from the sky

Waiting for more but

The clouds have given

And the trees have given

You are forgiven

No more stillness

Movement is open

There is no more rain

To keep you in

And unmoving

Getting Closer

I adore

The darker stars


Than the bright ones

Dim from a distance

Mighty up-close

They give me hope

Save Us From Ourselves

Tremble before your future:

Biting teeth have infected the flesh

Of the hand that feeds.

Your caretaker is dying;

Will we help them heal and thrive

To save ourselves

Or will we let them die

From the wounds

We inflicted?

The choice is yours.

Kenton Oliver is a Canadian poet with lofty ambitions and dreams. Writing with passion, he strives to create art that inspires. In short, he is a philosopher who adores music, rhythm and beautiful words. Check out Kenton's website,, to find his poetry, blog and social media links.

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