Speculative Landscapes

Dominika Majewska

(with Megan J.E. Krahn, contributor)

Þ (‘Thorn’) Literary Magazine is delighted to feature selected works from Dominika Majewska’s stunning art project, ‘Speculative Landscapes,’ which presents a vision of the emerging Symbiocene era, one defined by living in unity & harmony with the ecosystems we inhabit.

From an environmental perspective, we are living in transitional times, and we need as much passion and creativity as we can muster to heal our fractured relationship with the Earth. Artists must play a central role in this healing process, and Dominika Majewska’s “Speculative Landscapes” is a perfect example of how art can raise awareness about the paradigm shift required to create more ecologically sustainable and harmonious ways of living.

Dominika's work imagines the unraveling of our dominant, anthropocentric narratives of nature, and proposes the move toward a new, harmonious interaction with other living organisms (and non-living components) of the environment.

In addition to creating works of great beauty, “Speculative Landscapes” is intensely political and grounded in philosophy. It explores the underlying ideas of merging, unity within diversity, holism, and finding authentic ways of reconnecting with the environment as not something separate, but a space that becomes an extension of the self.

A major source of inspiration for “Speculative Landscapes” is the foundational work of Australian farmer-philosopher Glenn Albrecht. Albrecht has played a central role in articulating the shift from the ‘Anthropocene’ era to the ‘Symbiocene’ where life survives and thrives through the interrelated mutual interactions between species and the environment. As Albrecht writes, “symbiosis [is] a primary determinant of the conditions of life.”

It’s a concept grounded in fundamental reality—quite simply, we share our planet with millions of other species, yet we often find it difficult to understand our place in this vast web of life.

Human beings aren’t separate from the ecosystems we inhabit. In fact, we’re only a tiny part of a wider community of organisms. Indeed, we form a biological community with all of the lifeforms we directly or indirectly interact with throughout our lives.

Symbiosis, the concept which informs “Speculative Landscapes,” is the art of moving together in harmony with life—it is the ‘symbios,’ or unity, in motion—emotionally and artistically connecting us with the life forces inside and outside our bodies, using our physical forms as a vehicle to interact with others, the trees, the soil, and space itself.

Quite simply, if human beings cannot find ways to live sustainably on the Earth, we will become extinct. Our culture must find ways to make the ecosystems we depend on so compellingly beautiful and meaningful that we are moved by passion to love and maintain them. This is the ultimate goal of “Speculative Landscapes”—to re-imagine the beauty of the interconnected ecosystems we inhabit while showing us how much of a part of nature we really are... The stakes are high, but the issues are as ancient as life itself.

To see more of Dominika' work, please visit: www.dominikamajewska.online

DOMINIKA MAJEWSKA is a multidisciplinary designer based in Ålborg, Denmark. She works at the intersection of design, social innovation, and speculative practice, investigating the connections between urban and rural futures. You can find her @majewska.d on Instagram.

MEGAN J.E. KRAHN is an industrial designer based in Montréal, Canada. She utilises systems thinking to address complex and nuanced problems, looking for elegant and innovative solutions.

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