Hint & Flash Fiction by Tafari Nugent

Tafari Nugent

Hint Fiction


Two wars, a career nursing, travel to opposite sides of the world and two simultaneous 30 year marriages didn't keep them apart. But, death separates.\

End of the Line

Too taut, John's last line snapped. Watching the ripples disappear into the sea, he readied his empty belly for the hunger ahead.


Sarah didn't notice the burnt taste of the coffee; holding the positive test to the light made her think of cribs and curtains.

Butt of the Joke

He couldn't even have cigarettes anymore. Some big

wig decided smoking was bad, even for lifers.


It wasn't the fire that destroyed the comic book collection; the water, from the fireman's hoses did the job.

Said the Spider to the Fly

"I tire," said the fly, "my wings so weary of this world. I've travelled across seas, and lands alike, from mountaintops to the tops of mounds of muddled remnants. Whispering in the ears of man and beast for spiteful penance. And now I stand at the end of the line spent. Bent and bond, on this string found by the one who constructed this tenement." "Don't worry, you won't be long," said the spider.

The Red Balloon

All I could do was stand there, frozen in place. I couldn't move; was it fear, or something else. All I had to do was close my hand, even slowly, and it would still be here. Mother told me not to let go, to hold on tight. I couldn't hold on anymore, I had to let go, set it free.

I just stood there watching; it seemed like a dream, it just seemed to float away. Until it did, I could no longer catch sight of it, no longer make out its shape. No different then the rest of the landscape it had escaped into, its grace no longer holding a place in my fragile hand. A taste of freedom is what it required, a final desire before a finishing decent. Carry a dream, red balloon.

Unlucky Lucy

Lucifer looked odd when she was born. Having one green eye, and one blue. Lucifer's mother made sure to place her apart from the rest of her siblings. It wasn't because she had any less love for Lucy; she was a lovely kitten. Lucy's size measured much less then her siblings. Her mother feared for her safety, and so, would keep Lucy in a space separated from the rest. Yes this is how Lucy lived, set in a section so secluded it seemed senseless. The relentless pursuit for her safety never took.

It was said Lucy liked to live dangerously; strangely enough, she liked to stray. One day she happened upon a pack of puppies. Lucy never learned puppies don't always play nice. That was the last thing Lucifer learned.

Tafari Nugent (Born in Brooklyn, United States, 1976) first was awarded the Ezra Jack Keats prize for writing, in Elementary. Tafari went on to pursue: an Associates in English at EPCC at Valle Verde, later on pursuing a BA and then a MFA in Creative Writing, at the University of Texas at El Paso, and attained both the B.A. in 2013 followed by the M.F.A.in 2015. Both poetry and short fiction have been the crux of this writer's work. His time in the MFA program lead to attempts to develop writings, which gave voice to particular subjects through the focalization of marginalized characters. Tafari has also worked as an editor on the Rio Grande, a publication at The University of Texas at El Paso. Taking part in the editing of other writers has helped this writer to connect to what a wide variety of styles, taste, and audience expectation can be. He has been published in The Chrysalis, a publication of the El Paso Community College, and The Rio Grande Review, a publication of The University of Texas. The work is a collection of poems that followed a near death experience from the hospital, to rehabilitation, through therapy, to recovery.

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