Two Haunting Poems

Milena Bee


wherever you took

your spirit to hide

i was with you, trembling as a ghost waiting for resurrection in the heat of your skin

curling unfeeling hands around the red string, pulling

for the second sight.


girls ascendant in the sea who spread curses, daughters of ancient naiads

with snapping teeth, luminescent

and wicked.

the voracity

of old gods, coy in their ways,

sneaks into sacred nesting place, where eggshells

rest to propagate.

faded and earnest, this repetitive

coiling exposes soft underbelly

where scales peel back

annexed under stars slated

to fall to earth.

gleaming in the whites of my eyes.

“you construct intricate rituals”

gorgon ancestors

loose in the garden

startle Eve

and offer, in apology, an apple

predecessor to the golden, predecessor

to the head on the golden shield.

Genesis dooms woman and snake both, interchangeable

beasts in the modern day.

Medusa, gorgon, feeds slices of

apples to cursed bedfellows.

tongues burn

at sweet taste.

Medusa burns

when Perseus cleaves

her head from her shoulders

like an apple, falling

from the tree.

Milena Bee is a poet based in Los Angeles, where they live with family and a lot of houseplants. They've been published in Beestung, Sad Girl Review, and Giallo, amongst others. They can be found working on lit mag/zine press, All Guts No Glory, which they are the co-founder of.

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