Welcome to the Winter Issue of Þ!

With snow in the forecast, we hope many will be indoors reading the Winter edition of Þ ('Thorn') Literary Magazine...

As a child, there were few things I looked forward to more than the first snowfall. I was particularly enamored by the uniqueness and beauty of individual snowflakes. I favored wearing black gloves so I could make out their asymmetrical size and shape and brush them delicately along my palm as if memorizing them. As beautiful as snowflakes are from a visual perspective, I must confess, nothing seemed a more perfect welcoming ritual than to stick out my tongue and catch one before swallowing it whole. There is something ever so delightful about how the little morsel lights up one spot on your tongue, creating a vast sensation of tingling felt throughout your body before it glazes its coolness down the back of your throat. For me, this is poetry. Poetry allows the senses to taste, smell, touch, see and hear something unique to the human experience... drink it in and swallow it.

There is an extra amount of poetry in this issue, and that is because I was compiling snowflakes which displayed an important part of what it means to belong to the vastness of humanity and its uniqueness. Among these snowflakes are also elegantly written short stories with the power to make you cry, warm your heart, feel uncomfortable, and even bleed within your being. Yet, just as each individual snowflake comes together and makes a snowfall, these poems and stories come together to make the first Winter issue of Thorn Literary Magazine. See them, taste them, hear them, and most importantly enjoy them!

Hali J. Cross

Guest Editor,

Þ ('Thorn') Literary Magazine

Winter, 2020

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